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CISC Leadership Symposium 2015

Forum CEO Karen Pittman was honored to deliver a keynote at the recent CISC Leadership Symposium. Her discussion focused on the Quest for Readiness and asked, "What if student success was measured not by course completion and graduation but by their ability to succeed in college, work and life?" 

Here are some materials that were addressed during the talk.


Ready Youth/Gallup Student Poll

Ready Youth Overview and Process

A short case study about how one community Mississippi used Ready Youth data to drive change.

Blogs on Readiness

Alternative ABCs

To Overcome Poor Schools, Students Need to be Engaged

Needed: More Better Learning Time


Competency-based Education

Why My Competency-Based School Failed – And How It Can Help Yours To Succeed


Youth Program Quality

Moving the Needle

AIR Research Powerpoint Deck

QuEST slides

Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics Program Quality Assessment (STEM PQA) 

Publishing Date: 
February 12, 2015
CISC Keynote Presentation - Karen Pittman3.87 MB