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Opportunity Youth

The Forum works on a range of projects related to Opportunity Youth (otherwise called "Disconnected Youth'): 16-24 year olds who are not employed nor enrolled in school. The Forum focuses in particular on opportunity youth who are boys and young men of color.

The Forum co-hosts the Opportunity Youth Network, which brings together leading foundations, corporations, non-profits, federal, state and local government, and young people themselves to advance cross-sector efforts to help opportunity youth reconnect to pathways to prosperity. (See materials from the Opportunity Youth Network's 2015 Summit.)

The Forum helps provide staff support to the Opportunity Youth /Boys and Men of Color Alignment Strategy Group (OY/BMoC Alignment Strategy Group) is made up of several national organizations joined together by a shared commitment to align initiatives focused on Opportunity Youth and/or Boys and Men of Color (BMoC). The group’s approach is not to create a separate branded entity, but instead to work behind the scenes to help existing initiatives work together more efficiently and effectively. The group meets quarterly with different organizations tackling key tasks in between meetings.

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