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Dec 09 - Site Lead Call

Quality Counts site leads came together to discuss the progress they've made in the last six months, the challenges they're facing and sustainability strategies they are implementing.  The notes captures the discussion that occurred on both the December 11 and December 21 site calls. 

Publishing Date: 
January 6, 2010

Youth as YPQA Asessors

Hosted by the Center for Program Quality, this webinar focused on the role of young people in assessing and improving youth program quality. This discussion featured the experiences of Orange County, NY and Cleveland, OH in working with groups of young to conduct assessments and provide feedback to programs.  
Publishing Date: 
January 6, 2010

Louisville Strategic Planning

These resources were developed by Louisville Kentucky related to their work on developing a strategic plan.

Publishing Date: 
October 12, 2009

YPQA in the Classroom

In this conference call, Quality Counts site, Georgetown Divide discussed how they have expanded the use of the YPQA tool into the regular school day.  They also discussed strategies to approach and get buy-in from school administrators and teachers engaged in the quality improvement work.

Publishing Date: 
September 11, 2009

Improving Student Outcomes through Expanded Learning.

The David  P. Weikart Center for Youth Program Quality had a strong presence at the U.S.
Publishing Date: 
August 4, 2009

Grand Rapids Teen Profile 2009

The Grand Rapids Youth Commission was charged with surveying young people in the city in order to inform the Youth Master Planning process. In July, they released their Teen Profile 2009 which paints a portrait of teens in the community - their strengths, their needs, their challenges, all from their perspective.
Publishing Date: 
August 3, 2009

Back on Track: Reconnecting New York's Disconnected Youth to Education and Employment

This report released by New York State, a Quality Counts site, provides an in-depth portrait of disconnected youth at the state level. Outside New York City, too little is being done to respond to the needs of disconnected and at-risk youth. The state urgently needs to support and expand effective programs in upstate New York and the downstate suburbs.
Publishing Date: 
July 30, 2009

Indianapolis Youth Compact

MCCOY, Inc. in Indianapolis wrote a city wide youth compact that is adaptable to reflect the language of each sector and contains three levels of committment.

Publishing Date: 
June 25, 2009