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Children’s Funding Project

A listing of all current publications related to Children’s Funding Project.

Title Publishing Date Description
Investing in the next generation: A bottom-up approach to creating better outcomes for children and youth August 15, 2017

In Investing in the Next Generation, Bruce Katz and Ross Tilchin, both of The Brookings Institution, discuss the role of "new localism" in providing the "cradle to career" interventions necessary to ensure successful outcomes for America's children and youth.

Dedicated Funds Chart March 1, 2017

Our research indicates that these places across the country have made strides to secure local funding. Further detail on each community can be seen in the attached chart. 

Funding Brighter Futures Discussion Paper January 5, 2017

In this inaugural paper, we outline the four levers that characterize the Children’s Funding Project.

New Policies Should Align With Existing Goals and Plans for Children and Youth January 12, 2012

To have a collective impact on child and youth outcomes, leaders must develop and implement a broad, long-term child and youth strategy, and be accountable for results. This can be a challenge. Policies often require the creation of strategic plans that are organized around a single, narrow topic.

Align New Policies with Existing Efforts to Collaborate April 21, 2011

The Forum has just launched its new Ready by 21 Policy Alignment Series, which will provide a set of strategies to ensure that new child and youth policies align with existing efforts in order to create a seamless system of supports.

Don’t Stop Collaborating – Just Stop Creating New Collaboratives January 6, 2011

Many states and communities have multiple task forces, partnerships and councils working on overlapping youth issues, from bullying to pregnancy to dropouts. This policy brief calls attention to the problem of collaboration overload, and suggests ways to tackle it. Check out these tips for working collaboratively without creating redundancy.

Ready by 21 Policy Alignment Series: Overview & Rationale October 19, 2010

The Ready by 21 Policy Alignment Guide helps policymakers ensure that new child and youth policies align with existing efforts to create a seamless system of supports.