Children's Cabinet Network

Children's Cabinets are systematically changing the fragmented ways that state and local governments do business for children and youth. Sometimes known as councils or commissions, Children's Cabinets are typically made up of the heads of all government agencies with child- and youth-serving programs. They meet regularly to coordinate services, develop a common set of outcomes, and collaboratively decide upon and implement plans to foster the well-being of young people.

The Children’s Cabinet Network, managed by the Forum, is the only national network of policy coordinating bodies for children and youth (Children’s Cabinets, P-20 Councils, Early Childhood Advisory Councils). Members of the Network share best practices and learn more about tools that focus on bringing efficiency and effectiveness to their efforts to improve outcomes for young people.

The Children's Cabinet Network offers:

  • monthly peer-to-peer conference calls on topics identified by Network members
  • regular updates on federal funding opportunities
  • publications on topics of interest to Children’s Cabinets
  • technical assistance, meeting facilitation and coaching on projects like children’s budgets
  • convenings, such as roundtable discussions, trainings and meetings with federal policymakers 


Read the 2017 Children’s Cabinet Network State Survey Report!

2017 Child and Youth Coordinating Bodies in the U.S.















Active Coordinating Bodies 
*coordinating bodies who participated in the 2017 survey

• Alabama Children's Cabinet*

California Child Welfare Council 
• California Interagency Coordinating Council on Early Intervention*

Colorado 9 to 25 Youth System*
Colorado Early Childhood Leadership Commission

Connecticut Commission on Women, Children, and Seniors*
Connecticut Early Childhood Cabinet

Florida (2016 profile)
Florida Children and Youth Cabinet*

• Georgia Children's Cabinet*

• Hawaii State Legislature's Keiki Caucus

Illinois (2018 profile)
Illinois Early Learning Council
• Illinois Governor's Cabinet on Children and Youth*
 Illinois P-20 Council

Commission on Improving Status of Children in Indiana*

Iowa (2015 profile)
Iowa Collaboration for Youth Development Council*
• Iowa Early Childhood Iowa State Board*

Kansas (2017 profile)
Kansas Children’s Cabinet and Trust Fund*

Kentucky Early Childhood Advisory Council*

Louisiana (2015 profile)
• Louisiana Children’s Cabinet*
 Louisiana Early Childhood Care and Education Advisory Council*

• Maine’s Children’s Growth Council/State Early Childhood Advisory Council

Maryland (2015 profile)
Maryland Children’s Cabinet*

• Minnesota Children’s Cabinet*

• State Early Childhood Advisory Council of Mississippi*
• Mississippi Interagency Coordinating Council for Children and Youth

Missouri Coordinating Board for Early Childhood*

• Montana Best Beginnings Advisory Council


• Nebraska Early Childhood Interagency Coordinating Council*

• Nebraska Children's Commission*

New Hampshire 
Spark NH/Spark New Hampshire Early Childhood Advisory Council*

New Jersey
New Jersey Council for Young Children*

New York (2017 profile)
New York Early Childhood Advisory Council*
• New York State Council on Children and Families*

Ohio (2018 profile)
Ohio Family and Children First Cabinet Council*

Smart Start Oklahoma/Oklahoma Early Childhood Advisory Council*
Oklahoma Commission on Children and Youth*

• Oregon P-20 Education Cabinet*
• Oregon Youth Development Council

Pennsylvania (2015 profile)
State Leadership and Management Team for the Pennsylvania System of Care Partnership

Rhode Island (2018 profile)
Rhode Island Children's Cabinet*
Rhode Island Early Learning Council*

Tennessee (2015 profile)
Tennessee Commission on Children and Youth*
• Tennessee Governor's Children's Cabinet*
• Tennessee Young Child Wellness Council
Tennessee Youth Transitions Advisory Council

Texas Policy Council for Children and Families*

• Vermont Building Bright Futures State Advisory Council*
Vermont Children and Family Council for Prevention Programs

Virginia (2017 profile)
Virginia Governor's Children's Cabinet*

• Washington Early Learning Advisory Council*
Washington Graduation: A Team Effort (GATE)*

• Governor’s Early Childhood Advisory Council*
• Wisconsin Secretary’s Advisory Council on Child Welfare

Wyoming Early Childhood State Advisory Council*

West Virginia
Early Childhood Advisory Council of West Virginia
West Virginia Commission to Study Residential Placement of Children