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Children's Cabinet Network - Webinars


   Title / Description

  March 2018

   Sustaining Your Cabinet Through Administration Changes*

  Oct 2017

   A Conversation about Running Effective Meetings*

  Feb 2017

   AECF Webinar: Funding Two-Generation Strategies to Help Families Succeed

  Nov 2016

   Is A Children’s Cabinet Right for your Mayor and County Executive?

  Sep 2015

   Developing A Public Local Dedicated Funding Stream for Children and Youth

  April 2015

   Who is Responsible for Readiness & What Does it Require?

  March 2014

   Keeping the Connections Webinar*

  Feb 2014

    Fiscal Mapping Webinar

  Nov 2013

   2013 CCN Survey Results

  July 2013

   White House Webinar    

   Hosted Webinar featuring the White House, the Interagency Forum on Disconnected Youth, and the
   Interagency Working Group on Youth Program for more than 700 participants across the country.

  April 2012

   SIB Webinar 

  Dec 2007 

   Webinar: Creating State and Local Youth Policy Councils

  July 2007

   Building Effective Youth Councils: A Practical Guide to Engaging Youth in Policy Making























*for more information or to request access to the recording, please contact thaddeus@forumfyi.org