Bigger Goals: Webinar Follow-up

Ready by 21 Case Study: Massachusetts

This is a story about how a statewide team created a shared set of desired outcomes for youth. These outcomes form the basis of an action plan for the state of Massachusetts, focused on translating the vision into reality. The Forum for Youth Investment – using the Ready by 21® set of strategies – guided the creation of the outcomes and action plan. Read more on this case study here.

Archived Webinar: Setting Bigger Goals 101

Presenters: Kiley Bednar, the Forum for Youth Investment
Elizabeth Gaines, the Forum for Youth Investment

In communities across the country, competing priorities, fragmented services, unstable funding and low expectations combine to create a sense of complacency. Establishing a common "big picture," action-oriented vision that conveys compelling goals for children and youth is a critical step toward aligning efforts. Why? Because common definitions and shared goals challenge leaders to work together more effectively to make a difference. And because metrics matter: What gets measured gets done (or at least prioritized).

On March 29, Elizabeth Gaines shared examples how states and communities are doing this work to make an impact on outcomes for children and youth. You'll find the materials, a summary, Q& A and a link for the recording here.

Publishing Date: 
April 13, 2011