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Children’s Cabinet Directors Meet with White House and Congressional Leaders

On June 30, the Forum convened the Children's Cabinet Network in Washington, DC to meet with federal policymakers about improving coordination between state and national youth policy. Children’s Cabinet Directors from 13 states met with Senator Dodd’s staff to discuss the National Commission on Children, discussed the State Child Well-Being Research Act with staff from Senator Rockefeller’s and Representative Fattah’s offices, and spoke with the White House’s Special Assistant to President Obama for Education about the role the Domestic Policy Council is playing to align federal efforts for children and youth. Children's Cabinet Directors also discussed the Children's Budget Act with First Focus’ President, Bruce Lesley. Forum staff member Danielle Evennou documented a Children's Budget Summit held by First Focus.

Additionally, members of the Children's Cabinet Network and the America's Youth Council Network met with representatives from the Federal Interagency Working Group on Youth Programs to provide input into the development of a National Youth Strategy. Thaddeus Ferber, the Forum’s Vice President for Policy, reported: “The current slate of federal activities related to coordination (and the interagency data necessary to make strategic decisions) shows real promise in bringing a Ready by 21® approach to federal policymaking. By linking these federal efforts with parallel coordination efforts at the state level, we could transform the existing patchwork of disconnected services into a seamless cradle-to-college-and-career web of supports.”

Learn more about the Children's Cabinets Network here: http://forumfyi.org/readyby21/childrens-cabinets
Learn more about the America's Youth Council Network here: http://forumfyi.org/readyby21/groups/yc

Publishing Date: 
August 9, 2010