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Call Recording: Collective (Seeing + Learning + Action) = Collective Impact; Reflections on the CI Movement Five Years In

The Collective Impact approach rocked the community change world in a way few other ideas have over the decades.  What have we learned?

Forum CEO and president Karen Pittman recently spoke with John Kania, managing director at FSG and one of the co-authors of the original 2011 article that inspired hundreds of communities and funders to take a hard look at their assumptions about what it takes to move the needle on complex problems at scale. Karen and John discussed how the field has evolved and matured and explored issues - like community engagement - where the FSG architects have made midcourse corrections in response to feedback.  They also discussed why FSG's 2.0 concept of emergence - which suggests that the aim is not to get new partners to support predetermined solutions, but to establish rules of interaction that allow new solutions to emerge - has proven so useful in the youth field.

Listen to the recording. 

Publishing Date: 
June 28, 2016