Communities Start Their Ready by 21 Challenges

The Forum continues to help more communities implement Ready by 21 tools. Last month, four new communities kicked off the Ready by 21, Credentialed by 26 Challenge – a six-month technical assistance project aimed at improving youth transitions to adulthood. Education, business and nonprofit leaders from the communities – Broward County, Fla., Montgomery County, Md., and Sonoma and Eldorado Counties in Calif. – gathered for two days with Forum staff to look at local data, talk with students about barriers to success and forge new partnerships aimed at improving postsecondary completion rates.

The Challenge will help collaborations in these communities improve supports for transitioning young adults, with a special focus on postsecondary success. Each community receives training, coaching, tools, facilitation support and networking opportunities, along with a $5,000 grant to engage key stakeholders in dialogue about barriers to student success and to conduct an inventory of the supports, services and opportunities available to support postsecondary completion.

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Publishing Date: 
May 19, 2011