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Delaware: The Office of the Budget -- Strategic Planning Guidelines

The Office of the Budget recognizes that it is important to provide agencies with a flexible management tool to assist in identifying and achieving agency goals and objectives. The strategic plan is a management tool. Strategic planning is a long-term, future-oriented process of assessment, goal setting, and decision making that maps an explicit path between the present and a vision of the future — usually three to five years.

The strategic plan relies on careful consideration of an organization’s capabilities and environment and will ultimately provide the opportunity for priority-based resource allocation. The strategic plan defines what the agency is or intends to be and the nature of the services it intends to provide. A strategic plan addresses issues of major public importance and focuses on results rather than efforts. Strategic planning should ideally include participation of employees at all levels of the organization and the input of the constituencies affected by the agency.

Publishing Date: 
June 15, 2005
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