Forum Flash: January 15, 2008

Happy New Year fromt he Forum. We're proud to announce a new series on children's cabinets and councils: Getting Results and the 2008 Directory. In preparation for a new president, Campaign for Youth has released their policy agenda to guide policymakers in working together for children and youth. Another resource has also taken off, the Cornerstones for Kids Workforce Planning Portal will be a great resource for materials and tools for workforce-related questions.

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January 15, 2008

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Forum Unveils Children's Cabinet Publications
Campaign for Youth Mobilizes to Reconnect Youth
C4K Workforce Planning Portal
Immigrant Youth Development Article

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Dear Forum Flash Reader,

Happy New Year! 2008 is off to an exciting start at the Forum. Scroll down to learn about our new publication series on children's cabinets and councils, the Campaign for Youth's mobilization, the recently launched Cornerstones for Kids (C4K) Workforce Planning Portal and a new article about immigrant youth development.

Forum Unveils Suite of Children's Cabinets Publications

The Forum has kicked off a publication series on children's cabinets and councils, which are typically made up of heads of government agencies and child- and youth-serving programs who meet regularly to set and monitor common goals, outcomes and plans for services/programs for children.

State Children's Cabinets and Councils: Getting Results for Children and Youth
This paper delves into the "why" question: why children's cabinets and councils are important, and why and how the way they work is consistent with the Forum's assumptions about change. To view the full paper, visit:

2008 State Children's Cabinets and Councils Directory
The directory provides at-a-glance overviews of existing cabinets and councils. To view the directory, visit:

State Children's Cabinets and Councils Capitol Hill Forum

In December, the American Youth Policy Forum and the Forum for Youth Investment co-hosted a lunchtime forum on Capitol Hill to launch the publication series and convene stakeholders to examine Children's Cabinets and Councils. Speakers from Kentucky, Ohio and Maryland shared their first-hand experiences with this sort of collaboration. Materials from the forum are online. To view a brief on the forum, visit:

Campaign for Youth Launches Mobilization around Reconnecting America's YouthCampaign for Youth Logo

In anticipation of a new President, a new federal administration and a new Congress, Thaddeus Ferber (program director) and the rest of the Campaign for Youth steering committee released "Our Youth, Our Economy, Our Future: A National Investment Strategy for Reconnecting America's Youth," which calls for increased federal investment and outlines a series of recommendations for action for the next President and Congress. The Campaign for Youth is actively pursuing opportunities to advance these recommendations, and asks for your support. Please review the recommendations in the document and sign on in support of their efforts. To review the recommendations, visit: To sign on, visit:

C4K Workforce Planning PortalCVWF logo

The Next Generation Youth Workforce Coalition, housed at the Forum, is please to announce the Cornerstones for Kids (C4K) Workforce Planning Portal. The portal is an easy-to-use gateway to materials and tools specifically designed to assist individuals and organizations in answering both quick workforce-related questions and larger, longer-term workforce concerns. The portal emerged from C4K's work assessing the state of the human services workforce, where the need for such a tool became apparent. To access the Workforce Planning Portal, visit:

Immigrant Youth Development Article
Forum staff members Karen Pittman, Nicole Yohalem and Nalini Ravindranath contributed to an article on immigrant youth in collaboration with the Annie E. Casey Foundation and the Grantmakers for Children, Youth, & Families (GCYF). The article, "Targeted Youth Development: A Closer Look at Immigrant Youth," was published in the latest edition of Insight, a GCYF publication. To view the full publication, visit:


Thaddeus Ferber
The Forum for Youth Investment


Publishing Date: 
January 15, 2008