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Forum Flash: July 8, 2010

In this issue of Forum Flash, read Karen's latest Youth Today column on why research must be used better – not just saved in our inboxes for later reading. Also, check out a guide that the Forum jointly developed with the William T. Grant Foundation that supports mentors and offers advice and practical examples and register for the next Ready by 21 Webinar, "Introduction to the Ready by 21 Strategy."

The Forum for Youth Investment Forum Flash
July 8, 2010

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Karen's Youth Today Column
Introduction to the Ready by 21 Strategy FREE Webinar
Pay It Forward: Guidance for Mentoring Junior Scholars

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Dear Forum Flash Reader,

Even in the heat of summer, and the humidity of Washington, DC, the Forum has been very busy spreading it's mission that all young people will be Ready by 21 -- ready for college, work and life.

In this issue of Forum Flash, you'll find out where Ready by 21 is becoming an integral part of the strategies to help young people -- from the White House to school districts and local businesses. Also, don't forget to read Karen's Youth Today column and the mentoring guide that we developed with the William T. Grant Foundation.

Karen's Youth Today Column

"Looking at the executive summaries of millions of dollars of research, I was struck by two things," wrote Karen in her latest Youth Today column, "First, that too few of us would read these reports or even hear summaries of the findings. Second, that this situation could be improved."

With "five major reports from five different youth-serving organizations" in her inbox, Karen suggests that the critical findings and potential lessons coming from these reports may not reach the interested public. Using two recent studies, Karen sheds light on how such research can offer relevant lessons to local or national funders and practitioners.

Read the rest of Karen's article.

Introduction to the Ready by 21 Strategy

Wednesday, July 21st, 3:00-4:00pm EDT

Ready by 21Ready by 21 is a set of strategies that meets leaders where there are, challenges them to think and work differently, and helps them progress further and faster to helps communities improve the odds that all youth will be ready for college, work and life. This webinar will guide participants through the rationale behind Ready by 21, the tools and services available to communities and leaders and the Ready by 21 National Partnership, an unprecedented coalition of organizations representing government, education, nonprofit, business, research and philanthropy sectors.

Register to attend this free webinar.

Pay It Forward: Guidance for Mentoring Junior Scholars

Most scholars are expected to mentor junior colleagues, but they are provided few supports and resources to become strong mentors. Pay It Forward: Guidance for Mentoring Junior Scholars was jointly developed by the Forum for Youth Investment and the William T. Grant Foundation to add to the resources available to scholars who are mentoring others. It is organized around four themes: (1) building and maintaining mentoring relationships, (2) mentoring across difference, (3) supporting career development, and (4) managing conflict within mentoring relationships.

Check out the guide.

In the Field

Ready by 21 Highlighted at Corporate Voices Annual Meeting
At Corporate Voices for Working Families' annual meeting, Ready by 21 was brought to life through the telling of Louisville's public/private leader partnerships; staff and partners agreed that this panel did a wonderful job highlighting how the Ready by 21 strategy and Partnership will lead to greater successes for their community.

Forum Comments on "No Child Left Behind"
Upon the request of the Senate HELP Committee, the Forum prepared detailed legislative comments on how to address the existing "No Child Left Behind" legislation (now known commonly as the Elementary and Secondary Education Act or ESEA) using a whole child approach.

Helping Ohio Schools Work

At the Making Ohio Schools Work conference, twenty school administrators discussed how Ready by 21 could be applied to their districts and schools. Bryan Joffe, project director for Ready by 21 at the American Association of School Administrators, said, "School administrators value the powerful Ready by 21 concepts, along with hearing from those who have implemented these strategies in their communities."

Michigan's Statewide Quality Improvement System
Angelina Garner and Trevor Davies from the David P. Weikart Center for Youth Program Quality, managed by the Forum, delivered a presentation at the 21st Century Community Learning Center (CCLC) Summer Institute. Angelina, Trevor and colleagues from the Michigan Department of Education and Michigan State University discussed their ongoing efforts to build a statewide quality improvement system for 21st CCLC grantees and offered practical advice for other states considering similar initiatives.

There's even more going on at the Forum than we can feature here, be sure to check our website for the latest news.


Karen Pittman and Laura Mattis
The Forum for Youth Investment

Publishing Date: 
July 8, 2010