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Forum Flash: May 1, 2007

Quality and coordination can be difficult to come by; however, they are necessary in improving the lives of children and youth. In Rhode Island, there are potential legislative changes that aren't including all of the stakeholders, such as the states Children's Cabinet; in youth today, Karen Pittman looks at the challenges of coordinating agencies and organizations for the best for youth. In improving quality of programs, it's necessary that interventions are made effectively to imporove programs, a new paper from the W.T Grant Foundation has examples of how quality programs work.

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May 1, 2007

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Connections in the Field
Children's Rights, Children's Advocates, Children's Cabinets
Just Released: Improving After-School Program Quality
Symposium Explores Building Life Skills Globally

in the Field

Featured Partner: The Finance Project and the Forum recently unveiled an online clearinghouse of information and resources to support and sustain youth programs and initiatives. Learn more

Featured Place: Nashville, Tennessee is home to Oasis/Community IMPACT!, a grassroots, youth organizing initiative whose work on college access gained attention at the Nashville Film Festival. Learn more

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Dear Forum Flash Reader,

Quality and coordination continue to be hot topics in this issue of Forum Flash. Hot off the presses, we bring you Karen Pittman's latest Youth Today column, exploring the extent to which children's cabinets are addressing cross-departmental issues to watch our for children and youth. You'll also find a new working paper from the W.T. Grant Foundation on improving the quality of after-school prorgrams and highlights from a recent symposium on building life skills hosted by the Forum, the International Youth Foundation and Nokia. In the sidebar you'll find information on an exciting new clearinghouse unveiled in partnership with The Finance Project, our Featured Partner of the Month. The Forum is also proud to highlight the college access work and film premiere of youth mobilizers in Nashville, Tennessee, our Featured Place of the Month.

Children's Rights, Children's Advocates, Children's Cabinets

Rb21 smallRhode Island Governor Donald L. Carcieri (R) has proposed saving the state $17 million (approximately 5 percent of the $360 million needed to balance the budget) by rolling the clock back on services to transition-aged youth. And as of July 1, more than 800 young adults will be ineligible for housing, health and other services, when the upper age of judistiction for youth involved in the Department of Children, Youth and Families is lowered from 21 to 18. The Rhode Island Children's Cabinet was created in 1991 to address cross-departmental issues like these, so you may be wondering, how is the Cabinet reacting and who's watching out for our children? Read more about the role and expectations of coordinating bodies in Karen's latest Youth Today column

Just Released: Improving After-School Program Quality

Learning how to intervene effectively to improve programs is the primary issue facing the after-school field, according to this working paper from the W.T. Grant Foundation. The authors, who include Forum Program Director Nicole Yohalem, describe new information on the characteristics and practices of successful programs. They discuss the implications of this new information for program accountability and the selection of student outcomes to guide programming. Read Improving After-School Program Quality

Symposium Explores Building Life Skills Globally

Since 2000, the International Youth Foundation (IYF) and Nokia have been working on a global youth development initiative to strengthen the expanding life skills set young people need to be ready for school, work and life. Recently, the Forum, along with IYF and Nokia, hosted a symposium for U.S. and international professionals to share insights on the importance of life skills development. Attendees explored new research findings from within and outside the U.S., and their implications for better programs and policies. Read an executive summary on lessons and challenges from the youth development initiative that sparked the event


Karen Pittman
The Forum for Youth Investment

Publishing Date: 
May 1, 2007