The Forum for Youth Investment’s Big Picture Approach Consulting Expands Its Expert Consulting Bench

We are very excited to announce that we are increasing bench strength of Big Picture Approach (BPA) Consulting through the addition of four powerhouse field experts.  Each consultants in their own right, they will also be doing some of their business as part of the BPA team because they believe building the capacity of partnerships can significantly improve outcomes for children and youth. 

Priscilla Little, who has been heading up The Wallace Foundation’s work on Out-of-School Time Systems Building, is joining BPA Consulting to build out our portfolio of multi-site initiatives.  Formerly with the United Way of Greater Cincinnati, Patricia Nagelkirk has more than a decade of practice with cross-sector, systemic partnerships including the Northern Kentucky Education Council. Bonnie Politz first worked with Karen Pittman and Merita Irby, the Forum’s co-founders, at the AED Center for Youth Development and Policy Research (CYD), which she later directed. Before CYD, she began her work on local collaboratives in the DC government and with the Annie E. Casey Foundation. Shanetta Martin has also rejoined the Forum as part of this expanded team, bringing her years of experience as an independent consultant in the Southwest U.S. working on systems change, nonprofit collaboration and community engagement.

Publishing Date: 
January 26, 2017