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Pay It Forward: Guidance for Mentoring Junior Scholars

Most scholars are expected to mentor junior colleagues, but they are provided few supports and resources to become strong mentors. Pay It Forward: Guidance for Mentoring Junior Scholars was jointly developed by the Forum for Youth Investment and the William T. Grant Foundation to add to the resources available to scholars who are mentoring others. The mentoring guide draws on knowledge gleaned from the Foundation’s work with current and former William T. Grant Foundation Scholars and their mentees, as well as a review of selected literature. This guide addresses common questions and dilemmas mentors face and identifies strategies and resources for developing mentoring skills. It is organized around four themes: (1) building and maintaining mentoring relationships, (2) mentoring across difference, (3) supporting career development, and (4) managing conflict within mentoring relationships.

Publishing Date: 
June 29, 2010
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