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City intelligence Needed for July 30th Kennedy School Presentation

Karen Pittman and Jeff Edmundsen from Strive will present a panel discussion to chiefs of staff and senior policy advisors of 25 major US cities at the Harvard Kennedy School. The list of cities that will be represented at the 3-day Urban Policy Advisory Group meeting is on the partner webspace along with a brief summary of the session Jeff Edmundson (Strive) and Karen will be facilitating.  The meeting organizers have specifically asked that, in addition to information on Rb21 and the Partnership, the Ready by 21 "Guide to Getting the Most out of Your Summit" (http://www.forumfyi.org/content/dropout-prevention-summit-planning-guide) be distributed given the number of upcoming APA summits in the cities represented. Forum staff have reached out to Ready by 21/Quality Counts liaisons in the cities where there are contacts. If you or your Rb21 advisory group members or champions have contacts in these cities, please drop them a quick note asking them to reach out to their Mayor's offices either before or after the meeting to reinforce the connections.  See the attendee list and additional information here.

Stakeholder Side-Meetings Being Set Up in Indianapolis on August 10 - 11th

John Brandon, MCCOY Director and Ready by 21 liaison, is using the upcoming APA-sponsored Summit (http://www.mccoyouth.org/our-impact.aspx?id=110&sid=0&pid=2) to set up meetings with funders and key education, business and community leaders and funders (e.g. Lilly, Lumina) to jump start discussions about how the Ready by 21 Partnership can be helpful, especially given the recent commitment Strive has made to support the development of a University-led P-20 Council.  Brandon has specifically requested that a representative from United Way of America join the discussions.  Technical Partners Gallup and nFocus are planning to attend the Summit and participate in the discussions (at the last Tech Partner meeting, we learned that every partner is either in Indianapolis/Indiana or is in negotiation to be). AASA is reaching out to the Indianapolis Superintendent to ensure that he is fully briefed about the Partnership.  We'll share the finalized side-meeting list as soon as it is available.  Please let us know if you have any intelligence or interest in participating.  [Note: Pittman will meet with members of the Strive team on Aug 9 to continue discussions of how to coordinate our efforts).

Richmond Visit Scheduled to Piggy-Back on Next Strive Meeting on August 13-14th

Richmond is the second Rb21 priority city to receive funding to establish a University-based P-20 Council. United Way is a critical partner in Bridging Richmond (the newly established P-20 Council), is also a current JCP-Rb21 pilot site, and is leading the planning for the upcoming October 22 Dropout Summit. Forum staff are providing assistance to the local UW team on Summit planning. A call is scheduled with the local UW CEO to discuss UW's role in the integration of Rb21 into the P-20 planning process. Melissa Hough (CVWF) will join Strive in the August meetings, continuing her role as a Richmond "insider." A senior member of the Forum team will also attend. We'll get more information on the Richmond meeting to determine whether it would be beneficial for others to participate in this meeting (in particular, AASA given the prominent role of the school district.  Pittman met with the new superintendent at the Aspen Ideas Festival.) There will need to be other visits to Richmond. We will keep you informed.

Chattanooga Planning for August 27-28th Visit Progressing w/ United Way Support

Members of the UWA Rb21 team have joined the weekly prep calls with Chattanooga (the local United Way is playing the leadership role) in preparation for a one-day facilitation of the full range of community stakeholders. The Chattanooga team has been given options for planning a facilitated 10-3 "story-telling" meeting, based on the successful session held last year in Louisville. UWA team members will be joining the Forum team on this visit. Others are welcomed. We will definitely want all outreach calls to be conducted by August 10 in preparation for this meeting. see the agenda and additional details for the meeting here.

New Outreach From Priority Sites-Intelligence Needed
  • Atlanta United Way called July 20th ready for TA support. UW of Greater Atlanta is one of the strongest local UWs and has been tracking the Rb21 approach for some time. With new leadership in place and a new strategic plan, they have reached out to UW and the Forum to learn more about the supports available through the Partnership so that they can create a TA plan. A call is now being set up to do the initial briefing and begin to map out a timeline for the audit. Intelligence from other partners before the call would be ideal.
  • Louisville Mayor's office requested  July 23rd visit from Strive. Louisville is a Quality Counts site, but the Forum has not had discussions about additional city leadership-level  supports for several months. Strive was invited to speak to a Mayoral convening of the city's leaders on July 23rd to share their strategy for partnership building in Cincinnati/Northern Kentucky. We've communicated with our liaison in the mayor's office (Mary Gwen Wheeler) to ensure that she understands the connections between Strive and the Partnership, knows that we will both be presenting at the Kennedy School meeting, and is aware that we are now ready to engage. Larry Pasti (Forum) will be in Louisville on July 28-29  for a CSG Community Evaluation Strategy training and will do informal follow-up meetings if useful. Any other Partners planning to be in Louisville? Recommendations for other meetings?

    Please let us know if you would like to review the correspondence between Mary Gwen and the Forum Team.

  • Nashville requesting support to implement nFocus Community Solution. Nashville Mayor's Office is quickly ramping up its commitment to expand learning supports for youth. (Nashville is a QC site.)  They have investigated participation/program tracking software and would like to implement the nFocus system which is the most comprehensive, but also the most expensive. They are anxious to understand what supports they might get from the Partnership.
Update on the Training on the Ready by 21 Workstation

Training on the RB21 Workstation has begun. This is a reminder that there are still two additional training dates scheduled for Partner staff to learn to use the RB21 Workstation. They are:

July 31 from 10 a.m. to 12  p.m. EST- Online

The website and dial in information for this session is

Phone: 800-274-4142
Passcode: 43054310

Please sign on 10 minutes early so you can be online when this session starts.

August 4 from 2 p.m. to 4 p.m. EDT at the Cady Lee (Forum)

This is important for all partners as the RB21 Workstation is becoming the place for us to conduct our Partnership business and to document all of our work, bringing "precision to our passion". As we start using the Workstation, please expect to start seeing emails generated from it. One of the important items Partners need to address is to identify which staff will be responsible for responding to questions generated by the intake system on questions about services OR question collecting intelligence on new sites or leaders that contact us.  Key staff who are involved in Partnership  activity will need to be using the Workstation, as will the cities we engage in our highest level of engagement. A reminder that the Workstation will be used to:

  • Track the work of the Partnership including the committee work, and the joint accountability all Partners share in this work,
  • The intake and outreach process of the Partnership, tracking individual leaders when possible,
  • The work of RB21 as an approach to working with leaders, to answer the question, "what is it we do?", and
  • The work of individual place involved in the highest levels of engagement and their impact on the supports and outcomes gears.

Each Partner will become responsible for their place in the workstation and to use in documenting the above functions.  Many participants in the trainings to date have seen many opportunities to use the Workstation in ways that make their work easier. As we continue to train and refine the workstation, efforts are being made to have it user friendly while still fulfilling its purpose.

Ready by 21 Webinar: Aligning Policies and Funding
Wednesday, August 12, 2009
1:00-2:00 PM EDT

What is the best way to establish and fund coordinated and aligned youth services? What are the different types of funding available? How can coordinating bodies pool and leverage their resources? It is questions such as these that are leading an increasing number of cities, counties and states to craft creative policy and funding solutions for the coordination of youth services. Hear from states and cities that have crafted innovative solutions to the chronic effects of siloed approaches to improve youth programs and services.

Publishing Date: 
July 24, 2009
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