Thaddeus Ferber & Nicole Yohalem Interviewed by Y-Press

Reporters from Y-Press, a youth-driven organization that gives children a voice in the world through journalism by offering them the chance to produce stories from a youth perspective, interviewed Thaddeus Ferber and Nicole Yohalem on the importance of youth activism. The article, "Activism: Education," discussed the importance of a youth voice in lobbying for education reform. According to Yohalem, “I think more adults in communities and inside of institutions like schools, and inside of government, would acknowledge that it’s important to have young people’s voices in the mix.”  In the last ten years, there has been an increase in grassroots activism and participation in policy-making boards; but, both Ferber and Yohalem acknowledge that more can be done. This article is a part of a series on the role of young people in shaping public policy was developed in partnership with What Kids Can Do. Read the full article here:

Publishing Date: 
September 18, 2009