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Out-of-School Time Policy Commentary #13: "Speaking in One Voice"

This commentary highlights the work of the Collaborative for Building After-School Systems, a collaborative of mature, city and county-wide nonprofit OST intermediaries, to develop and adopt common youth-, program- and system-level measures that are easy and cost-effective for local systems to implement.

State Children's Cabinets and Councils Series

The State Children's Cabinets and Councils Series, a set of reports intended to capture and organize the decisions and experiences of more than 20 children's cabinets and councils and present them against an emerging set of expectations about what the public and policy makers could and should expect from them.

New Mexico: Children’s Cabinet Report Card: Growing Our Future, Together 2008

The Children’s Cabinet is a working group of the 14 departments that work closely on children’s issues. These departments include a wide range of state agencies, such as: Youth and Families Department, Human Service Department, Department of Health, Public Education, Higher Education, Corrections, Workforce Solutions, and even Economic Development and Cultural Affairs.

What Works for Youth Workers? Next Gen's "Lessons Learned"

In 2007, the Next Generation Youth Work Coalition launched the Clear Policies for Career Pathways project to identify and build upon efforts underway around the country to establish comprehensive workforce development systems for the youth work field.

Forum Flash: August 14, 2008

The Forum assembled Children's Cabinets and Youth Councils in New Orleans and gave these groups a chance to interact with each other. Also this month, the latest Next Generation Youth Work Coalition Bulletin came out with updates on the work being done to support communications and development for youth workers.

NCSL Highlights Youth at Annual Meeting

On July 24 at the New Orleans Convention Center, the National Conference of State Legislatures (NCSL) held a session for 150 legislators entitled ‘Investing in Our Future: The Status of America’s Youth’. Panelists included Elizabeth Gaines of the Forum, Senator Appel of Iowa, Representative Roberts of Colorado and Representative Walker of Connecticut.

Ready by 21®: A Part of Shared Youth Vision

On July 15, Karen Pittman, facilitated an interactive presentation on the Ready by 21 Challenge at the Shared Youth Vision Pre-Conference.

4th Annual Children's Cabinets & Councils Roundtable

The 4th Annual Children’s Cabinets and Councils Roundtable was convened in New Orleans on July 14th coinciding with a whole host of youth policy related events.

Youth Councils Team Up for the First Time

On Monday, July 14, the Forum convened the Youth Councils Learning Group in New Orleans, LA, for a pre-conference to the Workforce Innovations conference. This convening marked the first time that the Learning Group met face-to-face where they attended discussions and workshops facilitated by their peers from across the country.

Forum Flash: July 9, 2008

The Forum is proud to revive the Out-of-School Time Policy Commentary; the first issue is focused on youth work practice and reivews studies that our broadening our knowledge. Karen Pittman's Youth Today column looks at what young people need to get through school rather than dropping out.