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Indiana: Council for Youth Development - Report to the Community 2006 - 2007

The Council for Youth Development has its ultimate goal that every child in the county be Ready by 21—ready for learning, ready for work, ready for life. This annual report to the community is intended to open community dialogue which will result in increased focus on positive youth development in Bartholomew County.

New Mexico: Growing Our Future, Together - 2005 Children's Report Card (From Birth to Age 24)

The Children’s Cabinet is a working group of the 11 departments that work most closely on children’s issues. These departments include a wide range of state agencies, such as: Children, Youth and Families Human Services; Health; Public Education; Labor; Corrections and even Economic Development.

North Carolina: The NC Children's Index 2006

The Index includes state level data with trends over time to help analyze what progress the state is making to improve the lives of young people. This compilation of indicators of child well-being includes reports of key services offered, and the outcomes for children.

Texas: State Auditor's Office Guide to Performance Measure Management

The State's performance measurement system is an integral part of agency and statewide planning and budgeting structures, evaluations and decision-making processes, and accountability systems. As such, it requires close, consistent, and coordinated attention in order to maintain its integrity and usefulness over time.

Ohio: Department of Job and Family Services Annual Report: Accomplishments 2005

This report provides an overview of financial information and highlights the department’s programs and accomplishments for the state’s fiscal year 2005, with other information updated as of publication.

READY BY 21®: Taking Aim on the Big Picture

READY BY 21: Taking Aim on the Big Picture describes the basic process that can be used by cities, states, funders and programs to coordinate their policies and services to support young people and their families. This tool is the "closet organizer" of youth policy.

Youth Today: Youth Development Work

By Karen Pittman, December 2006

Sometimes, I’m just slow. I carried around the results of two work force surveys in my head for weeks before I realized the significance of putting the two of them together.

Adding It Up -- Brochure, Rationale and Guide to Mapping Public Resources for Children, Youth & Families

Brochure: Offering the highlights of what a CYF resource map can do, and why a state or community might benefit from one, the brochure can help you make the case and spread the word about your efforts.

Forum Flash: December 1, 2006

Strengthening the Youth Work Workforce and Advocating on Behalf of Young People

Putting Youth Work on the Map

Over the past year, two comprehensive studies of youth workers were coordinated by the Next Generation Youth Work Coalition. Together, these two studies, conducted by the Forum for Youth Investment and the National Afterschool Association, capture the voices and perspectives of over 5,000 youth workers from across the country.