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'Unschooling' and Readiness for Success: A Disconnect

We know that America’s education system needs to be revamped, but is the answer to “unschool” our young people? Disturbingly, some people think so.

Alternative ABCs

Course performance.

Education Must Focus on Competence, Not Outdated Traditions

In this dual blog posting, the Forum’s Karen Pittman and Stephanie Malia Krauss weigh in on an article about competence-based vs. traditional education. Pittman and Krauss reflect on their own experiences and offer suggestions on how schools can break free from the status quo.


Needed: More Better Learning Time

What image comes to mind if I ask you to imagine students learning? Young people in small groups focusing on projects they designed?

Ready Thoughts: April 2011 I'm not one for big conferences. 2011-04-28
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Ready Thoughts: August 2010

In this issue, we lead with a new analysis, by the Forum for Youth Investment, of several newly released reports on child well-being. The paper outlines how tools such as the Ready by 21 Developmental Dashboard can help leaders be effective. The paper includes commentary on well-being report cards can measure results across outcome areas and ages.

Ready Thoughts: August 2011

Ready Thoughts: As We Count Kids, Remember Young Adults

Ready Thoughts: December 2011

Expanded Learning Time Does Not Equal Expanded Learning (click to download the PDF)

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Ready Thoughts: The Power of One