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From Soft Skills to Hard Data: Measuring Youth Program Outcomes

Everyone who runs a youth program believes in their hearts that their program helps kids – but in their heads, they know they need convincing data to prove it. This guide from the Forum for Youth Investment – From Soft Skills to Hard Data: Measuring Youth Program Outcomes – updated from 2011, is here to help them get it.

Funding Brighter Futures Discussion Paper

In this inaugural paper, we outline the four levers that characterize the Children’s Funding Project.

Hampton, VA: Hampton Youth Commission

The Hampton Youth Commission is a city funded Commission composed of 24 high school aged youth from all four of the public high schools in Hampton as well as Peninsula Catholic and Hampton Roads Academy. The Hampton Youth Commission represents the ideas and opinions of young people in the city, in order for the youth to have a more formal role in the city's planning and decision making.

Hawaii: Develop a Definition of Civic Responsibility by Using an Inventory of School-level Activities

Requests the Department of Education to convene a working group to develop a definition of civic responsibility by using an inventory of school-level activities that promote civic learning in students.

Hawaii: Request Counties to Assist At-Risk Youth

Requesting the counties, the family courts in all circuits, and the office of youth services to collaborate on the development of an action plan that assesses the needs of their at-risk youth, identifies programs, services and strategies to address their needs, and provides safe alternatives to incarceration for youth on each island.

Hawaii: Youth Leadership Development Camps

Appropriates funds for community-based youth leadership development camps on all islands in the State. Appoints the state student council to oversee the planning, implementation and evaluation of these camps.
(HB 910, HI, 2005)

How Public Policy Can Support Collective Impact

How can public policies be collective impact friendly?

How to Partner for Impact: The Nuts & Bolts of Aligning Collective Impact Efforts

As leaders in communities around the country implement collective impact initiatives, questions about how to align multiple initiatives are at the top of their list.

Illinois: Department of Children and Family Services. Program Improvement Plan (PIP) Resources

The Department of Children and Family Services shares many useful planning resources covering topics such as community college payment, youth employment, transitional servies, alcohol and drug intervention, scholarships and education training vouchers.

Illinois: Investments in Illinois' Future

Investments in Illinois' Future is a report analyzing Illinois expenditures on programs and services for youth ages 12 to 24 between fiscal years 1994 and 2004. This historical analysis provides valuable information and context relevant to inform future planning, policy development, appropriations decisions and statewide analysis impacting youth in Illinois.