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Louisiana: Hotel Tax for Youth Programs

Directs tourist commissions within larger parishes to levy and collect an additional 3% tax upon the occupancy of hotel rooms, motel rooms and overnight camping facilities; two-thirds of the additional tax to be used for youth athletic programs. Requires the tourist commission to provide athletic programs and enter into cooperative endeavors, including the expenditure or allocation of revenue, with smaller parishes. (HB 879, PA 468)

Louisiana: Louisiana Legislative Youth Advisory Council

The Louisiana Legislative Youth Advisory Council will examine and advise the legislature on issues such as education, school violence, substance abuse, youth employment, and ways to motivate young people to actively participate in their community and government.  Click here to read the authorizing legislation.

Louisiana: State of Louisiana Performance Standards, Guidelines for Development and Revision

A performance standard is the expected level of performance associated with a particular performance indicator for a particular period and funding level. Performance standards are developed during the operating budget development process and established during the appropriation process.

Maine: Legislative Youth Advisory Council

The Legislative Youth Advisory Council is a permanent advisory Council created in statute by Public Law of 2001. This is the first Legislative Council in the nation, and the only one that they know of that has the power to submit legislation. The purpose of the Council is to advise the Legislature and its Committees on issues related to youth.

Maine: Marks for Children, Families & Communities -- Leading by Results

Marks for Children, Families and Communities is a set of social indicators that reflect the well-being of Maine children, families and communities. It is an initiative of the Governor’s Children’s Cabinet in partnership with the University of Southern Maine, Maine’s KIDS COUNT, the Maine Development Foundation, and other organizations.

Maine: The Maine KIDS COUNT Data Book

The Maine KIDS COUNT Data Book, the annual report on the status of Maine’s children and youth, is the most comprehensive and reliable collection of data on the health and well-being of Maine children and families.

Maryland: County Boards of Education and Graduation Rates

Requiring county boards of education to collect, maintain, and analyze graduation rates by dividing the number of students who graduate on time by the number of students in a four-year cohort; requiring county boards to report these rates in the aggregate and disaggregated by specified subgroups; requiring county boards to report graduation rates to the public and to the State Department of Edu

Maryland: Education - Student Surveys - Youth Risk Behavior Surveillance System Survey

This bill will require the Maryland Departments of Education and Health to align and combine their surveys with the federal Youth Risk Behavior Surveillance System survey, so that young people in Maryland take only one government survey for federal and state departments per year.

(SB9, MD, 2007)

Maryland: High School Outcomes Improvement Act

For the purpose of requiring the State Education System to adopt and implement a certain formula for use in calculating certain information about “on time” graduation rates from the State’s public high schools; requiring the State Education System to undertake certain activities with respect to graduation rates from the State’s public high schools; and relating generally to the collection, main

Maryland: Maryland Youth Council

The Maryland Youth Council was authorized in October 2006.