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San Francisco, CA: San Francisco Youth Commission

The San Francisco Youth Commission is a diverse group of 17 young people between the ages of 12 and 23. The youth come from all across the city to serve as the official youth voice at City Hall.

Vermont: Youth Advisory Council

The VTSP Youth Advisory Council (YAC) is made up of one peer elected member from each VTLSP School. The council meets three times per year and each member must commit to two major safety projects in the school year. Sponsored by the Vermont Teen Leadership Safety Program.

Hampton, VA: Hampton Youth Commission

The Hampton Youth Commission is a city funded Commission composed of 24 high school aged youth from all four of the public high schools in Hampton as well as Peninsula Catholic and Hampton Roads Academy. The Hampton Youth Commission represents the ideas and opinions of young people in the city, in order for the youth to have a more formal role in the city's planning and decision making.

Iowa: State of Iowa Youth Action Committee

The State of Iowa Youth Action Committee (SIYAC), is a nonpartisan policy-advisory organization consisting of 15-17 high school students from across the state.

Maine: Legislative Youth Advisory Council

The Legislative Youth Advisory Council is a permanent advisory Council created in statute by Public Law of 2001. This is the first Legislative Council in the nation, and the only one that they know of that has the power to submit legislation. The purpose of the Council is to advise the Legislature and its Committees on issues related to youth.

Nashville, TN: Nashville Mayor's Youth Council

On November 11, 1999, Mayor Bill Purcell appointed the first Mayor’s Youth Council. The Mayor’s Youth Council consists of 32 high school juniors and seniors from public and private schools. The Council holds monthly meetings and meets quarterly with the Mayor.

Nevada: Nevada Youth Legislative Forum

The Nevada Legislature has created the Youth Legislative Issues Forum, a 21-member group of students in grades 9 - 12. Each senator, with input from assembly members, will appoint one young person to the Forum. The members serve for one year and can be reappointed. The Forum will hold at least two public hearings each year.

Washington: Legislative Youth Advisory Council

This youth council was formed to examine issues of importance to youth, such as: education, employment, strategies to increase youth participation in government, safe environments for youth, substance abuse, emotional and physical health, foster care, poverty, homelessness, and youth access to services.

Youth Today: Risky Businesses

By Karen Pittman, June 2004

Consider this: In 2001, more young people declared bankruptcy than graduated from college.

Youth Today: Riding on the Coattails of Brown

By Karen Pittman, May 2004

I often look for opportunities to tell people that I received an excellent education from the Washington, DC, public schools. I have long known that my years in the city's public schools contrast sharply with the experiences of most students in the system today. What I didn't know, until recently, was that they were also an anomaly in their own time.