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California: Educational Opportunities for Foster Care Children

This bill would declare the legislature's intent to ensure that pupils in foster care and those who are homeless, as defined by specified federal law, have a meaningful opportunity to meet the academic achievement standards to which all pupils are held, are placed in the least restrictive educational programs, and have access to the academic resources, services, and extracurricular and enrichme

Youth Today: On Nature versus Nurture, Success and Failure

By Karen Pittman, October 2003

Forum Focus: Community Partnerships for Learning: Blurring the Lines

In this issue, we explore how community partnerships to support formal learning and development matter and how they can be created and sustained.

Youth Today: Out at School

By Karen Pittman, September 2003

In July, the New York Post broke the news about the city of New York's decision to open Harvey Milk High School, the first accredited school in the country for gay, lesbian, bisexual and transgender (GLBT) youth. The Department of Education has run a small alternative program for such youth for two decades, but the $3.2 million renovation budget to create a stand-alone school marks a new level of visibility and commitment.

Forum Focus: Quality Counts

In this first issue of Forum Focus, we summarize emerging research and practical evidence that quality matters and push forward to ask the questions: Is quality measurable? Is it malleable? We bring a youth-centered lens to our review, looking for examples that define quality from the perspective of what young people need to heal, grow and contribute.

Maryland: Residential Child Care Programs - State-Funded Operators - Licensing Provisions

For the purpose of requiring a licensed operator of a residential child care program who receives State funding to meet certain academic needs of a child in the operator's care; exempting certain licensed operators from certain requirements; requiring certain group homes to comply with certain provisions of law; requiring the department that licenses the group home to notify certain group homes

Texas: Relating to School Attendance of a Child Placed in Substitute Care

If the department takes possession of a child under Chapter 262 during the school year, the department shall ensure that the child returns to school not later than the third school day after the date an order is rendered providing for possession of the child by the department, unless the child has a physical or mental condition of a temporary and remediable nature that makes the child's attenda

Missouri: Requires the Department of Mental Health to Develop a State Suicide Prevention Plan

This act requires the Director of the Department of Mental Health, in partnership with the Department of Health and Senior Services, to design a state suicide prevention plan.

Colorado: Colorado Trails

Colorado Trails is the computer based application that State Child Welfare, State Child Care, Child Welfare in 64 Counties, and the Division of Youth Corrections use for case management. It is a statewide effort to automate services in Child Welfare and the Division of Youth Corrections.

Out-of-School Time Policy Commentary #4: After-School for All? Exploring Access and Equity in After-School Programs

While significant progress has occurred over the past several years in terms of expanding both the quantity and quality of after-school opportunities, the ambitious idea of “after-school for all” remains a distant goal.