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Ohio: Ohio Family and Children First

The primary function of Ohio’s strategic plan is to mobilize child and family serving partners to assess and address through a community plan the resource needs of children and families, coordinate services for children and families by providing a venue for families requiring services where their needs may not have been adequately addressed in traditional agency systems, and engage and empower

Kentucky: Jefferson County Public School Data Tracking System

A few years ago, several Louisville entities, including city departments like the Greater Louisville Metro Parks Department and community groups like the Louisville Urban League, started collaborating to develop a data warehouse of information about the quality of living in Louisville.

Michigan: School Evaluation Services. Beyond the Averages: Michigan School Trends

Standard & Poor’s School Evaluation Services (SES) has been engaged in the analysis of data for Michigan’s public schools since the spring of 2001.

State Youth Policy: Helping All Youth to Grow Up Fully Prepared and Fully Engaged

While states have put in place scores of youth polices, no state can claim to have a single, coherent youth policy that serves as a lens for assessing and planning individual policies. However, across the countries, states are working to develop more coordinated approaches to youth policy.

Youth Today: Needed: Calluses, Credits and Credentials

By Karen Pittman, June 2002

“Those who can, do. Those who can’t, teach. Those who can’t teach, do youth work.”

Results Accountability Guide

The Results Accountability Guide presents a practical how to guide for government and non-profit accountability.  And it addresses the link between program accountability and community or population-level accountability.  Many of these ideas can be easily implemented.  The Results Accountability Guide provides a nice compliment to the Forum's Ready by 21 framework as planners begin to drill dow

Youth Today: First to Guess, Last to Know

By Karen Pittman, May 2002

There are moments when all your youth work training fails you. I just had one.

My son is one of the most wonderfully bright, witty, head-on-straight people I know. Of my three children, he’s the one I lecture the least. Not surprisingly, he’s the one I talk to the most.

My son is also gay.

Learning Opportunities for Children and Youth: Expanding Commitments, Blurring the Lines

This publication shares the argument that communities should "blur the lines" between learning that happens inside the school and out in the community, during and outside of the school day.

Youth Today: Powerful Pathways Indeed

By Karen Pittman, April 2002

Vulnerable youth. College access. Career success. Alternative pathways. Alternative credits. Learning supports.

These themes are increasingly the subject of conversations among progressive educators, particularly in groups that combine K–12 reformers with higher education researchers and specialists. This is a world in which we need to move. These are outcomes that youth workers need to claim as their own.

Oregon: Oregon Progress Board. Linking Performance Measures to Benchmarks in the Budget Process

This powerpoint presentation by the Oregon Progess Board addresses these questions: Why measure performance? Why Oregon Benchmarks? and What makes a good performance measure? What is required in the budget process?