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Forum Flash: December 2011

Forum Flash: Youth Jobs, Youth Engagement, OST

Ready Partners: December 8, 2011

A story of achievement, sharing youth data, working training pays of

Ready Thoughts: December 2011

Expanded Learning Time Does Not Equal Expanded Learning (click to download the PDF)

Credentialed by 26, When Working Works: Employment & Postsecondary Success

Balancing work and school can hinder a young person’s success in higher education. However, the opposite can also be true: Good jobs facilitate student persistence and completion. So what does it look like when working works for students? That’s what we need to understand in order to transform employment opportunities into drivers of student success.

Forum Flash: November 2011

Youth Organizing for Change, Creative Youth Programs and Lessons from Penn State

Youth Organizing for Education Change Should young people be considered actors in school change, or simply the recipients of changed schools? Growing evidence and our own experience in the field suggest the former. Youth-led efforts to create change in schools, districts and education policy are on the rise. 2011-11-15
Ready Partners: November 3, 2011

This weeks Ready Partners announces the launch of the Ready by 21 Leader Network and explores ways to involve your community in changing the outcomes for children and youth.

Forum Flash: October 2011

OST Program Quality Measures, New Ready by 21 Presentation, Advancing Collective Impact

Ready Thoughts: September 2011

Ready for college, work, life...and the military?

Forum Flash: September 2011

Flexible Federal Funds, More Youth Data, Quality Assessment Pays Off