Ready by 21


All young people need to grow up healthy and strong, learn skills for today’s jobs, be connected to the community and prepared to succeed.

But research shows that only four out of 10 young people are ready for a productive adulthood and two in 10 are deeply unprepared or off track.

The Ready by 21 framework is exactly right. It’s not just about education. It’s about families. It’s about community. It’s about working together to make sure that young people succeed.
- Brian Gallagher, CEO, United Way Worldwide

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We can do better.

Ready by 21 is an innovative set of strategies developed by national experts at the Forum for Youth Investment with decades of youth policy experience that help communities improve the odds that all children and youth will be ready for college, work and life.

Ready by 21 is built on the Four Building Blocks for Effective Change:

  • Build broader partnerships
  • Set bigger goals
  • Use better data and information
  • Implement bolder strategies

Ready by 21 is not another new program, initiative, campaign or model.
It is a call to action to leaders who know that doing business the same way is just not good enough.

Ready by 21 is a Challenge to passionate leaders. More on the Challenge.

Ready by 21 is an Approach to outcome-focused planning that meets leaders where they are and provides them with the tools and guidance they need to think differently, act differently. More on the Approach.

Ready by 21 is a Partnership of national organizations representing state and local government, business, education, nonprofits and community leaders that have joined forces to demonstrate the power of partnership and support. Learn more about the Ready by 21 National Partnership.

Ready by 21 is a Commitment that every leader should be able to make to the young people in their communities and states. More on Leaders in Action.

Do you want to be part of a network of leaders from across the country who are doing business differently to improve the odds for children and youth? Are you trying to build broader partnerships, set bigger goals, use better data and planning processes, implement bolder strategies? The Ready by 21 National Partnership is creating an online community and resource center to be launched in 2011. To be alerted when the Ready by 21 Leader Network is launched, please submit your contact information to

Getting Started

Ready by 21 Meets leaders where they are, so let's find out where you are.
Are you ready? Is your community?