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Coalitions and Coordinating Bodies

Coalitions, Councils, Cabinets, Task Forces and all other types of coordinating bodies which convene a broad range of stakeholders to align overall efforts.

Oregon: Creation of Statewide Youth Development System

Creates statewide youth development system to coordinate and increase access to programs for youth. Directs local commissions on children and families to include local youth development system plan in local coordinated comprehensive plan.
(HB2121, OR, 2003)

Publishing Date: 
July 1, 2005

Oregon: Coordinate and Facilitate Community-Based Comprehensive Planning

In 1999, the Oregon Legislature adopted Senate Bill 555, which established a state policy requiring state agencies to work in partnership with local communities to plan, coordinate, and provide services accordingly for Oregon’s children and families.

Publishing Date: 
September 1, 1999

Ohio: Family and Children First Cabinet Council

The bill establishes certain duties and responsibilities of the Family & Children First (FCF) Cabinet Council and county FCF councils.  Ohio Family & Children First is a partnership of government agencies and community organizations seeking to improve the well being of children and families.  The state agency members include the Superintendent of Public Instruction, the Office of Budget

Publishing Date: 
April 1, 2006

Missouri: Creation of the Office of Comprehensive Child Mental Health

This act establishes in the Department of Mental Health, an "Office of Comprehensive Child Mental Health" to implement a comprehensive child mental health service system plan. The office shall provide oversight, support, training, and coordination with other teams in the implementation of the service system plan.

Publishing Date: 
January 15, 2005

Missouri: Creation of Joint-Committee on Out-of-School Programs

This bill creates the “Joint Legislative Committee on Out-of-School Programs" to make a comprehensive analysis of the quantity and quality of Missouri out-of-school programs, and make recommendations for an efficient and effective development plan to provide the opportunity for every Missouri school-age child to access quality out-of-school programs and design a system to train, mentor, an

Publishing Date: 
January 15, 2005

Hawaii: Request Counties to Assist At-Risk Youth

Requesting the counties, the family courts in all circuits, and the office of youth services to collaborate on the development of an action plan that assesses the needs of their at-risk youth, identifies programs, services and strategies to address their needs, and provides safe alternatives to incarceration for youth on each island.

Publishing Date: 
December 15, 2005

Change Makers in Action: Los Angeles, California

Part of the Ready by 21® Change Makers in Action Series, this case study describes the work done by the United Way and the Unite-LA/L.A. Chamber partnership in Los Angeles.

Publishing Date: 
December 15, 2006