We are thrilled to announce we will be going to Seattle for the 8th annual Ready by 21 National Meeting, April 23-25, 2019. We hope you will join us!


Overview of Ready by 21


Ready By 21® National Partner Profiles and Commitments

The six partners who in 2007 made formal commitments to work with the Forum to advance the Ready by 21 Challenge represent the education, government, nonprofit, business and community philanthropy sectors. Each was chosen because they had pledged to do business differently and sought out the Forum to help in some way.

Publishing Date: 
February 27, 2008

Ready by 21 FAQ

Find the answers to the most frequently asked questions about Ready by 21 and the Ready by 21 Challenge.

Publishing Date: 
February 26, 2008

Ready by 21 National Launch Press Release

The Forum for Youth Investment issues Ready by 21® Challenge to change the odds for youth by changing the way we do business.

Former Congressman Dick Gephardt and former Governor Tom Ridge join the Forum and national partners to move the Ready by 21 Challenge across the country – reaching communities in all 50 states over the next 5 years.

Publishing Date: 
February 27, 2008

Change Makers in Action: Iowa Collaboration for Youth Development

Part of the Ready by 21® Change Makers in Action Series, this case study describes the work done by the Iowa Collaboration for Youth Development.

Publishing Date: 
August 15, 2006

What Do You Want to Take Stock Of?

There are multiple types of information that are needed to translate goals into action effectively - information on children and youth, programs, policies, public and political will. This one-page handout provides a list of common ways that states and communities “take stock.”

Publishing Date: 
March 15, 2006

Core Assumptions About Change

This two-pager summarizes the core assumptions that philanthropists, planners and policy makers consciously or unconsciously take into account when making decisions about where to focus their efforts to bring about change.

Publishing Date: 
December 15, 2006