We are thrilled to announce we will be going to Seattle for the 8th annual Ready by 21 National Meeting, April 23-25, 2019. We hope you will join us!


Audio Conference/Webinar

Webinar: Introduction to the Ready by 21 Challenge - Summary and Resources

Ready by 21 isn’t a program or a campaign or even an initiative. It is a challenge to all who care about children and youth to think differently – to learn a different way to approach all of the tasks associated with trying to manage, make or measure change at any level from the classroom to the capitol – so that they can act differently.

Publishing Date: 
June 3, 2009

Ready by 21 Webinar: Landscape Mapping - Summary and Resources

Landscape mapping is a process that enables community members, decision makers and stakeholders to identify or inventory existing youth services and organizations. The approach can help move communities and states to examine their current assets, help to create connections, improve efficiency in the use of limited resources and assist community members to know what is available to them.

Publishing Date: 
May 4, 2009

Documents for March 30 Youth Councils Network Call

The following documents provide an updates and summaries of key federal policy that impacts children and youth:

Publishing Date: 
March 30, 2009

Ready by 21 Webinar: Using a Results Based Framework for Child & Youth Indicators

Considering the heightened focus on data-driven decision making, this webinar will explore the latest developments in tracking youth indicators and outcomes. In this Ready by 21 Webinar, best practice examples from states will be explored, highlighting new and proven ways to develop a balanced range of both positive and negative youth indicators.

Publishing Date: 
March 19, 2009

Systems Building Challenges for Afterschool Initiatives Webinar

Nicole Yohalem will discuss the relationship between outcomes and measures of quality and describe characteristics of quality assessment and improvement systems in an upcoming Afterschool Investments webinar: Systems Building Challenges for Afterschool Initiatives: Developing Common Measures of Quality, Thursday, February 19 from 1:00 pm–2:30 pm EST.

Publishing Date: 
February 6, 2009

The Impact of Meaningful Youth Engagement Conference Call

Nicole Yohalem will be a featured speaker on a conference call hosted by Grantmakers for Children, Youth, and Families, The Forum for Youth Investment, and the University of Wisconsin Center for Nonprofits.

Publishing Date: 
February 4, 2009

The Role of Legislators in Ready by 21

The National Conference of State Legislatures (NCSL) and the Forum held an interactive webinar on February 20 that highlighted the efforts of state legislators who, with their colleagues across the aisle, are prioritizing the coordination of services, developing a common set of outcomes and collaborating to implement plans that foster the well-being of youth.

Publishing Date: 
February 2, 2009

Webinar: Ready By 21 Big Picture Messages & Frameworks – January 15

There are numerous child and youth development frameworks being used by youth serving organizations and government entities. A common vision and framework allow for better mission and resource alignment, more precise measurement of progress and provide a useful tool for communicating goals and strategies to the public, families and youth, funders, policy makers and community stakeholders.

Publishing Date: 
December 29, 2008