We are thrilled to announce we will be going to Seattle for the 8th annual Ready by 21 National Meeting, April 23-25, 2019. We hope you will join us!


The Ready by 21 Challenge

Ready by 21 Webinar- Introduction to the Ready by 21 Challenge- February 2010

Ready by 21 isn’t a program or a campaign or even an initiative. It is a challenge to all who care about children and youth to think differently – to learn a different way to approach all of the tasks associated with trying to manage, make or measure change at any level from the classroom to the capitol – so that they can act differently.

Publishing Date: 
January 25, 2010

Youth Councils Convening and Call Materials

Please find below notes from America's Youth Councils Network call on December 14, 2009.  Also below is the agenda, participant list, and Capitol Hill 1-pager from the 2nd Annual Convening held in Washington, DC on October 25 & 26, 2009. 

Publishing Date: 
December 18, 2009

Ready by 21 Webinar- Assessing and Improving Youth Program Quality- November 12, 3:00-4:00 pm

As the youth development and out-of-school time fields expand and mature, practitioners, policy makers and researchers are increasingly rallying around the importance of assessing and improving program quality. A range of tools is now available to support these efforts.

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October 16, 2009

Ready by 21 National Partnership Sponsored National Youth Development Conference

Ready by 21 National Partnership
Ready by 21 National Partnership

Founding and Managing Partner
The Forum for Youth Investment

Signature Partner
United Way Worldwide

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October 28, 2009

Ready by 21 Spotlighted at the Aspen Ideas Festival

For the second year, Karen Pittman, co-founder of the Forum for Youth Investment, was an invited participant and speaker at the annual Aspen Ideas Festival held July 2-5. She presented the Ready by 21 Approach and Challenge during two sessions In the Festival’s Innovations in Education track.  

Publishing Date: 
July 21, 2009

Ready by 21 Presented at CYFAR Conference

On May 19, Lawrence Pasti presented a workshop, The Ready by 21 Challenge: So All Youth Are Ready for College, Work and Life, at the 2009 annual The Children, Youth, and Families at Risk (CYFAR) Conference that was held in Baltimore, MD.

Publishing Date: 
June 18, 2009

Ready by 21 Research

Too few young people are ready.

Researchers Gambone, Connell & Klem (2002) estimate that only 4 in 10 are doing well in their early 20s.

22% are doing poorly in two life areas and not well in any: