Forum for Youth Investment

Forum Flash: July 9, 2008

The Forum is proud to revive the Out-of-School Time Policy Commentary; the first issue is focused on youth work practice and reivews studies that our broadening our knowledge. Karen Pittman's Youth Today column looks at what young people need to get through school rather than dropping out.

Publishing Date: 
July 9, 2008

Forum Flash: August 14, 2008

The Forum assembled Children's Cabinets and Youth Councils in New Orleans and gave these groups a chance to interact with each other. Also this month, the latest Next Generation Youth Work Coalition Bulletin came out with updates on the work being done to support communications and development for youth workers.

Publishing Date: 
August 14, 2008

Forum Focus: A Portfolio Approach to Youth Policy

In this issue of Forum Focus, we focus on what researchers and policy makers are doing to help governments take stock of their efforts to make sure that every young person is “Ready by 21” – ready for work, ready for college, ready for life.

Publishing Date: 
November 14, 2003

Forum Focus: Quality Counts

In this first issue of Forum Focus, we summarize emerging research and practical evidence that quality matters and push forward to ask the questions: Is quality measurable? Is it malleable? We bring a youth-centered lens to our review, looking for examples that define quality from the perspective of what young people need to heal, grow and contribute.

Publishing Date: 
August 1, 2003

Forum Focus: Community Partnerships for Learning: Blurring the Lines

In this issue, we explore how community partnerships to support formal learning and development matter and how they can be created and sustained.

Publishing Date: 
September 15, 2003

Ready by 21® as Part of a Shared Youth Vision

On July 15, Karen Pittman, facilitated an interactive presentation on Ready by 21® at the Shared Youth Vision Pre-Conference. This pre-conference session preceded the Workforce Innovations that took place throughout the week in New Orleans.

Publishing Date: 
July 15, 2008

Landscape Mapping Surveys

See slightly adapted versions of the Forum's landscape mapping survey tool used by Columbus and Iowa.  Rhode Island also adapted the landscape mapping survey as well as incorporating workforce development questions into the survey.

Publishing Date: 
August 1, 2008