Youth and Family Engagement

Motivation for Learning: Youth Voices for Educational Change

This publication features the opinions and experiences of young people, speaking to the topic of school reform and redesign. It is based on panels facilitated in conjunction with the Carnegie Corporation Schools for a New Society Initiative and the Council of Chief State School Officers 1999 Summer Institute.

Publishing Date: 
August 15, 1999

Youth Acts, Community Impacts: Stories of Youth Engagement

This document offers eight case studies -- and a number of short profiles -- documenting efforts in the United States and around the world, all connecting the dots between youth action and meaningful community change.

Publishing Date: 
September 1, 2001

Core Principles for Engaging Young People in Community Change

Engaging young people as partners in community change is a compelling idea, but translating that idea into effective practice requires focused attention to a range issues. The principles described in this paper emerged from the commingling of research and practice that occurred when the Forum for Youth Investment merged with Community IMPACT! USA.

Publishing Date: 
July 1, 2007