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Iowa Dropout Prevention Summit

As part of the Forum's commitment to support Quality Counts sites, the Forum, along with Iowa Collaboration for Youth Development, co-sponsored Governor Culver's dropout prevention summit aimed at creating urgency and developing action plans to respond to the dropout crisis of minority youth in 15 Iowa communities. Karen Pittman traveled to Des Moines on May 7

Publishing Date: 
May 13, 2008

Iowa's Youth Development Strategic Plan, 2007-2010

This plan focuses on Ready by 21®, a youth development initiative designed by the Forum for Youth Investment, this plan links together efforts of multiple youth-serving agencies across systems, issues, age groups, and settings.

Publishing Date: 
November 8, 2007

Iowa's Youth Development Strategic Plan 2007-2010

Iowa is working through the Iowa Collaboration for Youth Development and Iowa’s Promise to ensure that all Iowa youth have the opportunity to be successful…in school, in a career, and in life. Iowa’s vision is for All Iowa Youth to be Safe, Healthy, Successful and Prepared for Adulthood.

Publishing Date: 
June 6, 2007

Iowa: State of Iowa Youth Action Committee

The State of Iowa Youth Action Committee (SIYAC), is a nonpartisan policy-advisory organization consisting of 15-17 high school students from across the state.

Publishing Date: 
June 15, 2004

Iowa: Iowa Better Results for Kids, Outcomes, Indicators, and Measures

The State of Iowa reviews their methods of measurement of results for kids. There are three categories of indicators used: overarching indicators, system monitoring indicators and "pay-4-results" indicators.

Publishing Date: 
December 7, 2003

Iowa: State of Iowa Performance Measures Guide

Under the Accountable Government Act (AGA), Iowa is implementing a comprehensive and integrated performance governance system. The purpose of this system is to produce results valued by Iowans and do so in the most effective and efficient way possible. There are five basic elements in the governance system. First, they plan what results should we achieve and how they will achieve them.

Publishing Date: 
June 15, 2005

Iowa Youth Survey

The Iowa Youth Survey is a joint effort conducted by The Iowa Department of Public Health's Division of Behavioral Health, Iowa Department of Education, Office of Drug Control Policy, Iowa Department of Human Rights, Criminal and Juvenile Justice Planning and Statistical Analysis Center, and Iowa Department of Human Services.

Publishing Date: 
October 10, 2005