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Louisiana: Louisiana Legislative Youth Advisory Council

The Louisiana Legislative Youth Advisory Council will examine and advise the legislature on issues such as education, school violence, substance abuse, youth employment, and ways to motivate young people to actively participate in their community and government.  Click here to read the authorizing legislation.

Publishing Date: 
June 15, 2004

Louisiana: State of Louisiana Performance Standards, Guidelines for Development and Revision

A performance standard is the expected level of performance associated with a particular performance indicator for a particular period and funding level. Performance standards are developed during the operating budget development process and established during the appropriation process.

Publishing Date: 
September 15, 1999

Louisiana: Governor's Children's Cabinet: Children's Budget Report

The Children's Cabinet is a policy office in the Office of the Governor created by Act 5 of the 1998 Extraordinary Session of the Louisiana Legislature. The Cabinet's primary function is to coordinate children's policy across the five departments that provide services for young people: Departments of Education, Health and Hospitals, Labor, Public Safety and Corrections, and Social Services.

Publishing Date: 
December 15, 2004

Louisiana: Hotel Tax for Youth Programs

Directs tourist commissions within larger parishes to levy and collect an additional 3% tax upon the occupancy of hotel rooms, motel rooms and overnight camping facilities; two-thirds of the additional tax to be used for youth athletic programs. Requires the tourist commission to provide athletic programs and enter into cooperative endeavors, including the expenditure or allocation of revenue, with smaller parishes. (HB 879, PA 468)

Publishing Date: 
July 15, 2005