For decades, the Forum for Youth Investment has helped leaders understand what it means to take a “whole child, whole family” approach to their work. We’ve combined our experience with research-based and field-tested tools and techniques to help diverse partners who have competing priorities step back and examine the ecosystem in order to target their action more effectively. 

Meet Cross-Systems Consulting 

Cross-Systems Consulting engages state systems leaders, shaping and strengthening youth development ecosystems to improve outcomes for children and youth. Cross-Systems Consulting is led by Executive Vice-President Edith Hawkins and includes an expanding team of expert consultants from across the country and within the Forum leadership team. All of these experienced leaders have a particular focus on one or more public systems and with a wide range of customers with whom we work: 

  • Public systems 
  • Governmental coordinating bodies 
  • Partnerships & coalitions 
  • Multi-service providers and intermediaries in the social-sector 

Get Strategic Support 

Cross-Systems Consulting engages leadership groups build broader partnerships, set bigger goals, use data better and implement bolder strategies. Our team has decades of on-the-ground experience helping leaders: 

  • Assess context and capacity in order to build on what exists. 
  • Align structures, goals, data, resources and action plans in ways that get partners and initiatives “on the same page.” 
  • Advance strong plans and anticipate what it will really take to implement and sustain the efforts over time. 

Our Vision

All young people reach their fullest potential - in education, work, and life.

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