Are you driven by equity, committed to action, and looking for ways to use emerging cross-discipline science findings related to learning and development to advance your work?

We’re elevating work that is happening across diverse youth settings, opportunities, and fields, engaging partners and co-strategists in joint work, and creating targeted resources that enable leaders to infuse the sciences of learning and development into their work.

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Tell us what you’re working on and what you’re interested in and we’ll loop you into discussions. We are developing issue channels as we identify important, real-time opportunities to act and reflect.

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Volunteer to test out messages and tools, contribute stories and evidence, co-create topical meetings, products, and projects. Infuse the science findings into your day-to-day work.

Please inform, inspire, and involve us!

As a co-catalyst with the Readiness Projects, help to spark connections and elevate efforts across the diverse youth fields.

We’re seeking nothing short of bold, science-informed, equitable supports for thriving youth.

Development of the Readiness Projects is generously funded by The Wallace Foundation and the S.D. Bechtel, Jr. Foundation.

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