Edgar Gomez

  • Learning & Development Specialist

Edgar Gomez provides trainings and coaching as the Learning & Development Specialist here at the Weikart Center. For the last 10 years, Edgar has worked in the field of youth development, education and community organizing. He has spent most of his career advocating for youth voice and leadership within organizations, schools, and community. In his career, he has trained youth to become youth organizers to address education injustices within their school systems. Edgar enjoys facilitating in groups of any size but also values one on one relationship building.

Edgar’s passion stems from his ideology that all youth regardless of their background deserve equal opportunities in their education and in life. His career journey has given him the opportunity to work with people of different backgrounds and identities. Edgar graduated from the University of Michigan – Dearborn with a bachelor’s degree in Sociology.

Outside of work, Edgar dedicates his time to his wife, Yazmin and his daughter, Alayna and niece, Nigthdelyn.