Galen Irby

  • IT and Facilities Specialist

Ask Galen to describe his job, and you’ll see that he has the most eclectic role at the Forum: “I’m sort of the chief IT geek and the facilities manager. On the one hand, I’m in charge of the network, computers, and telecommunications. At the same time, I handle plumbing, electrical, HVAC, and other systems that keep this old place running.”

Galen learned to do all of that through various jobs – including at the Washington State Department of Transportation, Wolfjohn and Associates, CAD Management Systems and Key Technologies Inc. – where he took on such endeavors as developing field designs for drip irrigation, helping to design a lift gate on an ice harbor dam and building communications networks.

Born in Mississippi and growing up primarily in Washington state, Galen Studied audio engineering at Eastern Washington University. He joined the Forum in 2000.

How did he wind up in charge not only of information technology, but of maintaining the historic Cady-Lee Mansion, where the Forum is headquartered? “I grew up in a house that was over a hundred years old and later owned a 100-year-old house.”