Megan McLaughlin

  • Research Assistant, Research and Evaluation

Megan joined the team in 2017 as a Logistics Coordinator before becoming a Research Assistant in 2018. Her main responsibilities include offering technical assistance support for the Weikart Center’s online data management platform, Scores Reporter. In addition, her keen eye is utilized when managing data collection and quality to produce multiple client deliverables.

Her interest in research began while earning a Bachelor of Arts Degree in Urban and Regional Studies at the University of Michigan Dearborn where she studied urban poverty and environmental policy. She perused her interest in environmental justice through multiple internships with local governmental agencies and grassroots organizations in Metro Detroit. Megan focused her studies on low income public schools and youth institutions in close proximity to hazardous facilities. Her passion has pushed her to build up her analytical skills and knowledge so that she can become an effective participant in her community.