Neil Sumilas

  • Chief Operating Officer

Neil has nearly two decades of experience as a senior non-profit executive focused on financial and operational management, talent management, board governance, and strategic planning. In his previous roles with the Elizabeth Dole Foundation and the National Center for Family Philanthropy, Neil provided strategic vision and leadership across core functions, including leading resource development and process improvement. Earlier in his career, while at the German Marshall Fund, he spent more than a decade building GMF’s leadership development programs before serving as Managing Director.

Over the course of his career, Neil has worked domestically and internationally with a diverse range of organizations including private and family foundations, museums and educational institutions, and a variety of non-profit and political groups.

Neil holds both his bachelor’s degree and his MBA from Georgetown University. He serves as Vice Chair of the Board of Atlas Corps, a global leadership development organization. Neil is also a Senior Advisor to Geneva Global, a mission-driven company that helps foundations, organizations, and individuals achieve positive social change through effective philanthropy.