Current Commitments

Our formal work together as Readiness Projects coordinating partners started in earnest in January 2020, thanks to a generous one-time, three-year grant from the Wallace Foundation that we will use to build our proactive muscles, jumpstart projects, convene field leaders, support field fellows, and fully leverage opportunities for alignment within our own organizations. Our informal connections and commitments mean that we hit the ground running.

As coordinating partners, we will advance a curated set of meetings, projects, and products aimed at leveraging the collective knowledge base and the expanding constellation of related activity across the “thriving youth” field.


To spark connections, focus energy, and respond nimbly to emerging opportunities, we are operating in a number of “meeting” modes, from developing invitational field-building sessions and smaller group “dinner and a day” exploratory convenings.   We are also managing a radar screen of opportunities to inform and influence via leveraging existing events or playing targeted advisory roles as requested.

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We are committed to bolstering work at the national level – taking the lead on targeted field-building projects, providing “last dollar” resources and horsepower to leverage ongoing efforts, or, more rarely, providing seed money to build momentum for key gap-filling projects.  We are also committed to connecting directly with local leaders who are grappling with how best to harness this additional fuel for their own efforts.

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These convenings, connections, and projects will contribute to and be informed by a range of products that range from broader messaging and mobilization resources to significant, scholarly contributions to the field.

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