We are elevating work that is happening across diverse youth settings, opportunities, and fields, engaging partners and co-strategists in joint work, and creating targeted resources that enable leaders to infuse the sciences of learning and development into their work.


Below are a few of our featured projects.

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Build Forward Together: an endeavor to find, test, and curate ideas, examples, and tools that best inspire local leaders to think, see, and act differently as they rebuild and re-imagine their community’s learning ecosystem.

Bright Spots: an open-source database capturing the partnerships that support thriving youth.

The Design Principles project is aimed at helping community programs understand and apply the science of learning and development in order to transform all settings where children and youth spend their time into well-designed and equitable learning environments that support the development of all learners.

A national Youth Fields Workforce Survey will provide current, relevant, and reliable information about the workforce: who they are, what they do, where they work and have worked, their professional identities and pathways to and within their career, their competencies, and trainings they receive and need.

Equitable Ecosystems for Adolescents is an effort aimedat advancing the field’s collective understanding of strategies to promote belonging and agency, through science and practice-informed wisdom, especially for young people who have experienced inequitable or inconsistent access to settings that are intentional in promoting thriving and transformative development.

Emerging Projects

Check out our growing list of emerging projects that are currently in development with our partners.

As coordinating partners, we also advance a curated set of convenings and products, in addition to our ongoing and developing projects, which are aimed at leveraging our collective knowledge base and the constellation of activities across the youth-focused fields. We also contribute to the field by infusing our knowledge into existing initiatives and tables. 



To spark connections, focus energy, and respond nimbly to emerging opportunities, we host and convene various stakeholder groups regularly to engage with and inform the Readiness Projects.

Our larger convenings thus far have included:


Through our convenings, connections and projects we create and contribute to a range of products – from broader messaging and action-oriented tools and resources to significant, scholarly contributions to the field.

Below are a few that we have recently released or are working on now:

Thriving, Robust Equity, and Transformative Learning & Development

A needed formula for youth success

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Unusual Suspects JoSH Article

The People Inside and Outside of School Who Matter in Whole School/Community/Child Efforts

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It Takes an Ecosystem - Book

Part of the forthcoming IAP edited volume on the learning and development ecosystem

See the Series
Applying the Science of Learning and Development in Community Programs – Brief

Translate the science of learning and development for community programs

Read the Brief
Science of Learning and Development Practice Vignettes

Showcase strategies to implement the science of learning and development findings

View the Vignettes
Design Principles for Community-Based Settings: Putting the Science of Learning and Development Into Action

A playbook to transform learning settings into impactful and equitable spaces

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Changing the Odds for Youth

A Community dialogue on what it will take: a Medium site.

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Align, Advise, Engage

We bring Readiness Projects ideas and resources into existing collaboratives, working groups, and initiatives. Our current regular commitments include:



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