The Weikart Center research and evaluation team executes large-scale field trials and custom quality improvement system evaluation services. By leveraging research and evaluation findings, we create products and services that advance knowledge about youth settings and outcomes; help OST organizations improve management practices, workforce skills and youth outcomes; and influence national, state and local youth policies.


Research Services

Our research team provides several routine and custom services for OST networks:

Standards: Develop standards that are rooted in current research and designed to be compatible with assessments. This is useful if your network is developing quality standards for youth programs.

Customized Assessment Tool: Create assessment tools customized to your context.

Data Planning and Collection System: Optimize your data planning and collection whether you are undertaking the Youth Program Quality Intervention or looking to collect baseline information about programs in your network.

Network Program Quality Reports: Create network reports that are timely, meaningful and useful. This report, which focuses on your network’s quality improvement initiative, can be invaluable for taking stock, motivating change and sharing key information with stakeholders.

Other Services: Consult on designing program evaluations and research studies focused on program quality.

For recent reports and research briefs, visit our publications.

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