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Adding It Up -- Brochure, Rationale and Guide to Mapping Public Resources for Children, Youth & Families

Brochure: Offering the highlights of what a CYF resource map can do, and why a state or community might benefit from one, the brochure can help you make the case and spread the word about your efforts. A good tool for introducing decision makers to the idea of a CYF map, the brochure can also help those who already have CYF maps in the works think about how and if their efforts are meeting their needs.

Rationale: This introduction explains the why, how and what behind creating a CYF resource map. Setting the stage for what's involved in the process, this overview provides a good framework for understanding both the benefits and the challenges of getting the job done right.

Guide: The "meat and potatoes" of the series, the handbook has been designed to clarify the process of creating and implementing an effective CYF resource map.

Publishing Date: 
December 1, 2006
Adding_It_Up_Brochure.pdf1.01 MB
Adding_It_Up_Rationale.pdf1.61 MB
Adding_It_Up_Guide.pdf2.16 MB