Why do we exist?

To change the odds that all children and youth are ready for college, work, and life.


What do we do?

We connect leaders to ideas, services, and networks that can help them make more intentional decisions that are good for young people, even in the face of limited resources.


How do we do it?

We think big. We help leaders solve real problems. We leverage resources for the greater good.


What is Ready by 21?

Ready by 21 is the short-hand phrase we use to describe our mission, theory of change, and our key ideas.

Our mission: To change the odds that all young people are Ready by 21 – ready for college, work, and life.

Our theory of change: It can take years to improve child and youth outcomes on a large scale, but leaders can quickly make demonstrable changes in their capacity that, in turn, can change the landscape of community supports. We work with leaders committed to creating the shared accountability needed to chart and stay the course to improve the odds for children and youth.

Changing the odds for young people has never been more important