Cross-Systems Consulting

Cross-Systems Consulting provides consultation, training, and technical assistance to systems leaders using a Positive Youth Development approach to systems change to co-design innovative solutions for scale.

About Cross-Systems Consulting

Cross-Systems Consulting engages state systems leaders to shape and strengthen youth development ecosystems to improve outcomes for children and youth. We do this by serving as a strategic thought partner – honing systems leaders’ ability to use data and gain insights across all outcomes, all systems, all leaders, and then create a strategy and roadmap for integrating solutions to maximize impact. 

Our leaders are boundary spanning, innovative systems thinkers who use their full sphere of influence to improve outcomes for children & youth. They include: 

  • Public systems, multi-service agencies and youth-serving organizations at the state level 
  • State governmental coordinating bodies 
  • Cross-sector partnerships, coalitions, and networks that support them 


Get Strategic Support

Cross-Systems Consulting helps public systems leaders build broader partnerships, set bigger goals, use data better and implement bolder strategies. Our team has decades of on-the-ground experience across systems, including education, workforce development, and human services.

  • Assess state context and capacity in order to build on what exists.
  • Align leaders, structures, goals, data, resources and action plans for impact.
  • Advance strategic plans and anticipate what it will really take to implement and sustain the efforts over time, leading to improved outcomes.

The hallmark of all of this work is balancing research and evidence with lived experience, using practical techniques to engage young people, families, providers and cross-sector leaders in meaningful ways.

Our Vision

All young people reach their fullest potential - in education, work, and life.

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