The Forum for Youth Investment provides products and services to help leaders improve partnerships, policies, and practices for young people. These products and services are based on best practices in youth development and on our experience working with hundreds of communities around the country since our founding in 1998.

We support leaders from the clubhouse to the statehouse. We work with:

  • Coalition & Partnership Leaders
  • Quality Improvement Leaders and Evaluators
  • Policymakers and Policy Coordinating Bodies
  • Youth and Adult Advocates
  • National Nonprofits and Networks
  • Funders
  • State and Local Intermediaries
  • Public System Administrators
  • Child and Youth Champions

We offer:

  • Published newsletters, reports, guides, and tools
  • Workshops and trainings, both distance and on-site
  • In-depth technical assistance, strategic planning, and field research services
  • Facilitation for leader and community engagement
  • At-scale performance-based accountability systems
  • Data collection & assessment
  • Peer network management
  • Keynotes and presentations

We tailor our services to our diverse audiences

For example, we provide online advocacy training to young adult advocates, continuous improvement system implementation for afterschool networks, and collective impact learning labs for local planning teams.

Read some examples of our work with different kinds of leaders striving to change the odds for young people.

Learn more about our work to advance:

Improving & Aligning Policies
Planning and Partnering for Impact
Strengthening Practices & Programs

Our Vision

All young people reach their fullest potential - in education, work, and life.

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