This work supports boundary-spanning leaders charged with creating or implementing plans that require a focus on the bigger picture. Helping leaders connect the dots across complex and sometimes competing goals, services, plans, and partners, we support leaders’ efforts to:

  • Sharpen and promote key ideas, about what success looks like for youth and communities, and how leaders share accountability for progress.
  • Build the capacity of other change-oriented leaders to think differently, act differently, and act together, particularly as they explore local perspectives, conditions, and data.
  • Define and assess their change management efforts to ensure that their plans reflect stakeholder interests and lead to action.
  • Manage and actively participate in national efforts aimed at using new ideas to align and improve strategies for engagement, planning, implementation, and accountability.



  • Big Picture Approach Training and Consulting consolidates into one technical assistance center the Forum’s teaching, coaching, technical assistance, facilitation, and actionable data services aimed at strengthening the ability of leaders to use a whole child/whole community “big picture” approach.



  • Readiness by Design
  • Resources for Youth Development Champions in moving forward the work of the National Commission on Social, Emotional, & Academic Development
  • Thought Leader Interview Series
  • Learning Labs & Leadership Retreats on Collective Impact, the Big Picture Approach and Ready by 21 key ideas
  • Conference and symposia planning, including Changing the Odds Convenings
  • Strategic coaching and consulting, such as:
    • Youth Master Planning and strategic initiatives coaching and facilitation
    • Partnership Planning coaching and tools such as mapping coalitions and networks, provider network strategy, cross-system planning leadership/structure diagnostics, funder surveys, leader interviews
    • Data supports such as outcomes frameworks, well-being reports, theory of change data identification, program landscape maps, fiscal mapping toolkits
    • Stakeholder engagement strategies, including community conversations, facilitator training, conference planning, and symposia



The Forum provides support to the following field-building projects:

Changing the odds for young people has never been more important