Meet Our Team

Under the leadership of Mishaela Durán, a recognized leader and champion in the youth development field, the Forum’s diverse team includes researchers, educators, policy analysts, youth work practitioners, advocates, and communications specialists.

Office of the CEO

Mishaela Durán
President & CEO

Mishaela serves as President & CEO of the Forum.

Mary Catherine Curley
Executive Assistant to the President & CEO
Tiffany Erickson
Executive Vice President, Strategic Communications

Tiffany Erickson is the Forum for Youth Investment’s first Executive Vice President, Strategic Communications.

Amanda Heckenkamp
Communications Manager

Amanda is a skilled digital communicator and content creator working to amplify the Forum's message and role in advancing youth-serving systems.

Improving & Aligning Policies

Gerod Blue
Senior Manager, Advocacy

Gerod manages the development of policy programs, agendas, & various campaigns focused on decreasing the Opportunity Gap & furthering the mission of the Forum.

Caitlin Greenleaf Johnson
Director, Digital Advocacy Campaigns

A writer and journalist passionate about digital movement building & youth leadership, Caitlin runs the Forum’s and networks.

Jo Ann Paanio
Director of Advocacy

Jo Ann works to advocate for policies that advance racial equity and social justice by connecting with policymakers & directly impacted youth and young adults.

Jordan Pineda
Senior Policy Manager, Children’s Cabinets

Jordan works to ensure that government and non-government stakeholders engage in policies that are horizontally and vertically aligned to promote equity.

Tralonne R. Shorter
Executive Vice President, Policy and Government Affairs

Tralonne oversees the Forum’s strategic policy development, alignment, and engagement at the federal, state & local levels to improve outcomes for young people.

Mary Ellen Wiggins
Director, Policy

Mary Ellen works with stakeholders inside and outside of government to use policy and evaluation as tools to promote equity and help youth thrive.

Planning and Partnering for Impact

Edith Hawkins
Executive Vice President, Cross-Systems Consulting

Edith Hawkins is Executive Vice President for Cross-Systems Consulting.

Monica Taylor, M.Ed., ACC
Director, Cross-Systems Consulting

Monica builds and strengthens the capacity of youth-serving organizations and networks to help young people lead successful lives.

Strengthening Practices and Programs

Venalin Aguilar
Continuous Quality Improvement (CQI) Specialist

Venalin designs learning experiences and provides coaching, project leadership, and technical assistance to support equitable CQI system building.

Jacqueline Banda
Administrative Assistant

Jacky will be assisting the Weikart Center as an administrative assistant.

Adrienne Bard
Director, Statewide Quality Improvement Systems

With an enthusiasm for details, Adrienne provides training and technical assistance to partners across the country engaged in continuous quality improvement.

Joe Bertoletti
Vice President, Youth Program Quality Operations

Joe coordinates a team of field consultants and trainers to deliver training and technical assistance to support the development of quality improvement systems.

Trevor Davies
Senior Manager

Trevor provides coaching and consulting services to the Weikart Center’s clients, including Michigan’s 21st Century Community Learning Centers (CLCs).

Taylor Davis
Learning & Development Specialist

Tay’s work centers around delivering training and technical assistance in support of continuous quality improvement.

Shavon Dotson
Senior Learning & Development Specialist

Shavon designs and oversees training content and delivery.

Jherconna Ford
Training Program Associate
Edgar Gomez
Learning & Development Specialist

Edgar provides support in coaching and training to clients in Michigan.

Barbara Hillaker, Ph.D.
Training Content Specialist

Barbara Hillaker’s work centers on developing or improving measures, assuring that they are aligned with developmental science and are valid & reliable.

Nadia Jabbar
Administrative Assistant

Nadia supports the Statewide portfolio team at the Weikart Center.

Paige Kennedy
Learning & Development Specialist

Paige facilitates engaging training sessions that build and strengthen adult skills and provides coaching and technical assistance on CQI efforts.

Donna Lloyd
Business Systems & Engagement Specialist

Donna provides leadership, coordination, and support in the design, maintenance, and implementation of the Weikart Center’s internal & external business syste

Steph Love
Senior Learning & Development Specialist
Dave Martineau
Director of Design & Innovation

Dave returns to the Weikart Center as the Director of Design & Innovation with more than 20 years of experience in youth development and facilitation.

Sheely Mauck
Director, Equitable Quality Improvement Systems

Sheely is the Director of Equitable Quality Improvement Systems for the Forum for Youth Investment.

Ari Pak
Senior Continuous Quality Improvement (CQI) Specialist

Ari leads projects, provides coaching and technical assistance to system leaders, and designs learning experiences to advance equitable CQI systems.

Kimberly Howard Robinson, Ph.D.
Executive Vice President, Youth Program Quality

Kim works to strengthen programs and practices that nurture the potential of youth with continuous improvement approaches that marry research and practice.

Salem Valentino
Senior Director of Research & Evaluation
Tiffany Walker
Research and Evaluation Specialist

Tiffany provides technical assistance and evaluation support in partnership with youth development organizations focused on continuous quality improvement.

Leah Wallace
Learning & Development Specialist

Leah provides coaching, training, and technical assistance to Weikart Center clients around the country.

Internal Services & Administration

Paul LaMacchia
Manager, Business Systems

As the Manger of Business Systems at the Forum, Paul oversees our online systems and provides guidance to the users of those systems.

Isabel Gastulo
Senior Accountant
Ora Shamley
Finance Specialist

Ora is a financial specialist, working on accounts payable, accounts receivable, and many other financial matters for the organization.

Kathy Turner
Director of Budget and Finance

Kathy works on budgeting, internal controls, policies & procedures, financial system implementation, & leading the team on financial reporting & analysis.

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